The Mindfulness Movie

THE MiNDFULNESS MOVIE. The documentary collects an unprecedented group of 35 world-renowned experts in the fields of psychiatry, relationships, sports, psychology, quantum physics and neuroscience from around the globe, as well as major bestselling authors.

Mind and its Potential Conference Keynote

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz presenting 'You Are Not Your Brain' keynote presentation at the Mind and its Potential Conference in Sydney, November 2011

'You Are Not Your Brain' Workshop Promo Video

CBS Los Angeles Interview

Dr Schwartz is interviewed and answers questions about the science behind the allure of 'bad boys'.

Eye on Entertainment Interview

Ed Bernstein Show Interview

Rebecca Gladding, Co-Author of 'You Are Not Your Brain' interview

Excerpt from Dr Schwartz's address to the United Nations Symposium

An introductory overview of the 4-step treatment method

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Interview on The Career Clinic Radio show
Interview on the It's Your Health Network Radio
Interview with Michael Ray Dresser on Dresser After Dark
Interview by Judith Regan on Sirius XM Stars
Interview on Achieve Radio by Pam Atherton
Interview on Guerrilla Project Management by Samad Aidane


Brains On Purpose: Dr. Schwartz's collaboration with Stephanie West Allen
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You Are Not Your Brain
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Train your Brain to Think Positively! How to Handle a Break Up
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Co-authored with Stephanie West Allen

Brain Management . . . Law Firm Leadership on the Neuro Frontier
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Lead Your Brain, Instead of it Leading You
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Law Students: Create a Well-rounded Life
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Exercise Mind Hygiene on a Daily Basis
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Susan Greenfield: Living Online is Changing our Brains
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